Wayne Anderson's Tool Maker Tribute Page
  I have no problem at all endorsing the work of this modern-day renaissance man. I am very fortunate to own several of Waynes Planes from a small Chariot plane to a large Fore plane. Each one is absolutely unique in it's design. Wayne's planes are so well executed that his work is proclaimed by experts to be among the best work ever done in planemaking. Here are some Galootapalooza pages with Wayne:  
  Wayne's Guest Appearance on Ralph Brendler Appreciation Day. Here  
  Galootapalooza 7 recap page from 2002. Here.  
  Detailed photos of Waynes demonstration at G7. Here.  
  Some beauty shots of Wayne's early work. Here.  
  The Low Angle Smoother and Chariot Plane.  
  A Pictorial of the spectacular Fore plane. Here.  
  Ready to See Wayne's website? Here.