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Mini Milling Tools
Silver & Iron Bracelette
NOS 6 Foot Saws
What the heck is a Beverly Shear?
Gene Henrickson's - "One Brick Blacksmith Forge"
Tillers Repousse Class.
Wrought Iron Chain Modification
Wrench Set Whatsit
Caulking Tools
Simonds Docking Saw
A Galootish Mental Health Day.
Framed "Card" for Ralph

Mike D. Makes a Belt Buckle

The First C.A.T.S. Toolmeet.
A Live Free or Die Auction in Indy
The Barlow Bacon Press
The Roycemore Coat Tree
Making Framing Chisels
Things Forged For The Home
The Corner Gas Station
Yost Patternmaker's Vise
Texas Gold
Some Blacksmithing Class Pictures
Wayne Anderson's Infill Panel Plane.
Robert Sorby Rip Saw  
Marples Infill Panel Plane  

Roger's Patented Miter Planer
Page 2

Israel White Three Arm Plow Plane by Chris Berger  
Small Infill-Style Patternmaker's Plane  
Tillers Barn Raising
Darley's Barn Tool Meet .

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