Tillers International Repousse Class

2012 Class will take place March 31 - April 1

At Tillers International Instructors: Wes Groot


What is an international repousse class? Actually, you'll learn how to form decorative metalwork from flat sheet copper in this two day class. You'll get hands on with hammer and tools in the first fifteen minutes of class and make something you can use to adorn a woodworking or metalworking project.
Roo Frame

"Repousse" is a French word that means to push from the back. Using simple tools and basic techniques, students will gain a lot of the skill necessary to create their own decorations from flat copper sheet. You can take home a nice monogram for decorating a jewelry box, or make a decorative heart to use on a birthday or valentines gift.

If you love working metal but have never tried repousse, or if you've never tried any metalwork at all, you'll have a great time and we'll make sure that you leave with some new knowledge and something cool that you made during class.

It's all about having fun and gaining some new tricks to use in your woodworking, jewelry making or metalworking hobby. Most of the tools specific to repousse will be provided and beginning tool sets will be available for sale after class.

Beginning Tools

The 2 day class covers repousse techniques and a hands-on introduction to toolmaking. If there is room for one day attendees (wait-list status) you'll learn basic repousse and take home a nice example for your trouble. Enrollment is limited to 10 students and there's a minumum age of 16 for this class.


Visit the Tillers Website for more information. Click on "Classes" and "Schedule by Date" then scroll down to August 29 2009.

The price is $195 for two days, or if allowed you can be on a wait-list for the one day class for $100.

You can email me with questions also.


Class CrossTeak Display