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I think this forge is the perfect starter setup for anyone who's considering doing a little blacksmithing.  It's also a great forge for doing public demonstrations at Cub Scouts or craft shows because many of the things we normally demonstrate at public events can be done with this little gem. Most of the hard work involved with doing blacksmith demos is; "Load the truck, Unload the truck, Re-Load the Truck, Re-Unload the truck". With a small gas forge you can show how the metal is worked and you also will show your audience how approachable the hobby can be! Remember that lots of people would like to get involved in 'smithing but when they see all the big equipment stuffed onto the bed of your F-350 it may give them pause... A good demonstration setup with this forge at it's heart can fit easily into the trunk of almost any car. Many people in your audience will be able to see themselves getting into blacksmithing... and that's the point isn't it?

The forge comes with everything you need (minus fuel of course) to start making tools and getting your feet hot in the blacksmithing hobby. Gene machines his own burners, puts all the components together and sends you a kit that will have you up and running with only the turn of a few set screws.


The kit includes your regulator, high pressure hose, connection fittings, your burner, burner tube, forge firebox with a built in stock rest out front. Everything you need to assemble the kit is in there.

Gene has done all the design work for you. He's sourced the regulator and the brass fittings. He uses 18 gauge steel for the surround and he even machined a larger aluminum knob for the fuel inlet valve so it's easier and safer to use. The opening is about 1 x 2.5 inches in front and there's a 3/4 inch pass-through hole out back for longer work.

You could probably do all this work yourself and run around town or the internet finding the components, hoping that they'll all work together... But why do that when Gene can just send you a box with everything you need, ready to assemble and run? Look around and price all the components, then add the time it takes to assemble them and experiment to get everything to work properly. Then Contact Gene!

The price is only $150 plus $12 shipping to the lower 48 states. It's a really good deal for something that you'll still be using 20 years from now!

The photo below shows the forge as it looks when set up to work. At the UMBA Conference, Gene was using a small disposable propane bottle that you'd buy at almost any hardware store. A bottle that size is perfect for short demos and so easy to take with you. At home, you can connect the forge to a 20# propane tank and run the forge for 30 hours. That's about 60 cents an hour to make tools, knives, heat treat plane blades, make hooks and nails and letter openers and bottle openers. You can practice twists using the pass through and once you learn how, you can make cool dragons and horse heads. In the photo below, Gene shows how you can start with some 3/4 inch bar stock and make your own tongs.

I know that some of you are thinking that this forge is too small. Believe it or not most long time blacksmiths use a small forge for doing knife making or tool making. Why spend all the time and money it takes to heat up a big forge when you're only going to use a fraction of the heat? This size heats up really fast and that means you save money on fuel and you won't have to put projects off until you have enough to do to justify firing up the big forge. If you're an experienced smith, you know how much sense that makes. If you're not a blacksmith but you think you might like to try it (and you should, it's a great hobby) this is the perfect way to get started. Email Gene and get yourself a One Brick Forge.

As your skills develop and your projects get bigger you can make or purchase a larger forge box, but you'll still be able to use most of what you bought from Gene.

This larger forge below has a bigger burner and firebox, but all the other components from your one brick forge will work just fine with it. If you want to start with this size forge instead, this larger forge complete, write to Gene to find out when you can get one.

Contact Gene Henrikson.

Disclaimer: Ww have no financial interest in this product. We think it's a good product and we would like to promote Gene's work and blacksmithing as a hobby. Blacksmithing can be dangerous, so use caution and understand how all your equipment works. Taking a class form an experienced instructor will help.
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